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San Jose Dentist

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Mon-Fri 7:00am-8pm, and Saturdays


Meetings in San Jose, California, one day per month

You can learn to place dental implants!

Who should attend:

  1. Dentists who know about placing implants from lectures but little or no hands onexperience.
  2. Dentists who have placed implants and wish to upgrade and become moreconfident in their diagnostic or clinicalskills.
  3. Dentists who wish to experience one on one training in immediate placement of implants, with immediate provisionalization.
  4. Dentists who now restore implants and are ready to begin placing implants inselected cases with one on one training and guidance.
  5. Dentists who learn best in a one on one hands on clinical learning experience on livepatients (we all learn best that way).
  6. Dentists who would like the unique experience of placing implants and following with the restorative 6 months later, both in a one one training experience.
  7. Dentists who wish to have no surprises by doing cat scan treatment planning fromstart to finish and learning how to place implants using a computer generated surgical guide.
  8. Dentists who wish to learn or upgrade skills in bone grafting techniques, including sinus lift procedures and lateral ridge development.
  9. Dentists who wish to diagnose and treat implant complications.
  10. Dentists who wish to do one on one training in implant impression techniques and the use of various appropriate abutments and crowns.
  11. Dentists who wish to train their assistants in implant surgical procedures.

Douglas R Maxson, DDS

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