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       Dental Implant

Don’t Procrastinate any longer………This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to Treatment Plan placement of Implants and Restorative with CBCT scans and Surgical guides, place Implants, learn Bone Grafting techniques, PRP/PRF growth factors, Impressions and Restorative on Implants…..under the one-on-one guidance of an ICOI Certified Instructor.


For dentists who have not placed implants or who wish to upgrade their skills

One on one hands-on training on your patient (or a patient provided for you) with follow up to completion of the restorative phase.

Part One:  6 sessions once per month on Fridays OR another day upon mutual arrangement

  • Lecture and Surgery
  • Doctors may set up additional times for treatment planning with Director for their patients utilizing CBCT scan software
  • Sessions include CT Scanning, Treatment Planning, Implant placement utilizing Surgical Guides, Implant components and surgical mechanics, bone graft augmentation, sinus lift procedures, utilizing growth factors and stem cells to assist regeneration (PRP AND PRF) membranes, suturing, temporization
  • 6 sessions and treatment planning sessions for your patients Limited to 3 doctors: you may assist Director or do surgery as you learn.
  • Doctors will place implants /bone grafts in surgical sessions with their patients or patients provided

Part Two: second 6 months

  • 6 sessions lecture, surgery, and treatment planning sessions for your patients.
  • Director assisting you in procedures Advanced treatment planning, surgery, implant placement
  • Second stage surgery, prosthetic followup on your previous patients utilizing various appropriate impression techniques, delivery protocol

Part Three: third 6 months

  • 6 sessions and two treatment planning sessions for your patients
  • Advanced treatment planning, advanced prosthetics, bone grafting, including sinus lift, lateral ridge augmentation, multiple implant placement, immediate placement implants at time of extraction

Doctors will be able to follow their patients from treatment planning to completion of restorative

  • Act now, save $500-$2,000
  • Continuum Part One $6,495 (first 6 sessions)
    • $5,995 paid in advance (all Patients provided for you by continuum add $1,000)
    • Paid in two installments $3,250 prior to first session, $3,250 prior to fourth session
    • Two continuums paid in advance $11,995

ONE ON ONE TRAINING: (NO OTHER DOCS)  $7,495, $6,995 paid in advance (patients provided add $1,000) 

  • Paid in two installments $3,750 prior
  • $3,750 after third session
  • Or monthly payments of $1,495 paid one month in advance of each session.

Past participants have paid for costs of Continuum by fees collected from their patients

Two Parts paid in advance $12,995 (first 12 sessions-a savings of $1,000 less than two parts paid individually)

Three Parts paid in advance $18,995 (a savings of $2,000 less than three parts paid individually)

     Douglas R Maxson, DDS, Diplomate, ICOI      San Jose, California 25 years experience

                         Certified Instructor, International Congress of Implantologists

Contact Information: Director  408-313-9451 fax 408-996-0392   [email protected]

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