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Invisalign ® Clear Braces in San Jose

Now it's easier than ever to have a healthy, straight smile. Invisalign ® uses a series of clear, plastic aligners that allow you to enjoy the benefits of a corrected smile without the hassle those unsightly traditional metal braces. San Jose orthodontics dentist, Dr. Douglas Maxson, is highly trained in these easy, removable alternatives to the permanent "metal mouth" look of ordinary dental braces.

It's time to find out if you're a candidate for these wonderful, virtually invisible braces. At Calm Dental Care, we'll be happy to see you for an initial evaluation. We can then provide you with a series of custom-fit appliances, each to be worn sequentially to gently straighten your smile. Patients are also pleased to learn that these clear braces may be easily removed for meals, brushing your teeth, and even for special events.

Are you interested in learning more? Call our friendly staff or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation. Our mission is to provide affordable, top-quality dental care to all our patients and we offer a range of financial options to help cover Invisalign cost.

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